Working class house, Bousval

Phased low energy renovation

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Working class house

Construction date/


Renovation date/

2008 - ...

Heated surface/

177 m²

Heating demand/

23 kWh/m².year


Caroline De Jonghe and Gaëtan Quinet


Gaëtan Quinet

In spite of a very limited budget, the owners managed to consider such a project by dividing the it into different stages, executing a large part of the works themselves, reusing certain materials and appealing to subsidies. The construction site presented several restrictions, such as the absence of connections to the gas mains, sewerage, etc. Nevertheless the owners managed to overcome these barriers by devising interesting solutions. The improvement to the energetic performance of the building is remarkable and appears to be very profitable in proportion to the renovation budget. On the other hand, the investment does not only relate to the dwelling’s energetic aspects since the renovation also serves as an example project regarding the environment and biodiversity. This is shown by the choice of materials, the water use, the development of biodiversity as well as the attention shown to mobility issues. This renovation constitutes a complete project integrating all aspects of sustainable development.


  • Insulation of the roofs
  • Insulation of the facades from the outside
  • Insulation of the floor slab and cellar walls
  • New roof windows
  • Replacement of the existing windows by frames with triple glazing
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat exchanger
  • Heatpump air/water + ventilo convectors
  • Solar collectors
  • Collecting + re-use of rainwater
  • Use of eco-logical materials
  • Use a bio-ecological toilet
  • Treatment of the waist water by a lagoon
  • Green roof

Download the full project file (French, pdf)