Farmhouse, Chaumont-Gistoux

Low energy house - Renovation

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Construction date/


Renovation date/


Heated surface/

190 m²

Heating demand/

34 kWh/m².year


Marie-Françoise en Pierre Deru


Atelier Architecture & Développement Durable ScPRL - Pierre Deru

This project demonstrates that it is possible to renovate and revalue the old rural patrimony which has lost its former agricultural functions, and at the same time achieve performance levels according to current demands. Architect Pierre Deru respects the character of the original building, but also manages to integrate an organic aspect in a highly personal and distinct manner. Moreover, this project indicates a considerable amount of respect for both the environment and the health of living creatures by the choice of construction materials. The apparent decrease in energy demand was realized without the employment of highly advanced technologies.


  • Reconstruction and insulation of the roof structure
  • Insulation of the front façade from the inside
  • Insulation of the rear façade and gables from the outside + wooden façade covering
  • Insulation of the basement ceiling
  • Adjustment of the window openings + frames with double glazing
  • Natural transversal ventilation
  • Pellet stove + radiators
  • Thermal solar panels
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Ecological materials
  • Collection and reuse of rainwater

Download the full project file (French, pdf)