Farm, Bousval

Low energy farm - Renovation

Download the full project file (French, pdf)




Farm, native architecture

Construction date/


Renovation date/


Heated Surface./

543 m²

Heating demand/

32 kWh/m².year


Sébastien Cruyt


Synergy International - Sébastien Cruyt

This project is the result of a passionate architect with experience in the sphere of durable architecture. The renovation demonstrates that complex technical systems are not imperative for energy savings. A successful project begins with an intelligent design. Sébastien Cruyt devised the basis concepts for this project: a greenhouse with roof, the central core assuring inertia and spreading heat … The result is fascinating, both from an energetic and an architectural point of view.


  • Renovation of the roof
  • Insulation of the building shell from the inside
  • Enlargement/creation of window openings + frames with double glazing
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat exchanger
  • Wood-burning stove
  • Greenhouse with roof
  • Thermal solar panels
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Ecological materials
  • Collection and reuse of rain water

Download the full project file (French, pdf)